Johnny Depp's contributions to GONZO: THE LIFE OF DR. HUNTER S. THOMPSON, AN ORAL BIOGRAPHY now in the JDZ Archives!

The BY JOHNNY section of the JDZ Archives now contains all of Johnny Depp’s writing and reminiscences from the new book GONZO: THE LIFE OF DR. HUNTER S. THOMPSON, AN ORAL BIOGRAPHY. Many thanks to Joni for transcribing them for us, and for her meticulous editing of all the Archives material. Johnny Depp wrote the introduction to this volume of memoirs of Hunter, but there is much more in GONZO: AN ORAL BIOGRAPHY that relates to Johnny and Hunter’s friendship. The “oral biography” consists of hundreds of stories told by the people who knew Hunter and worked with him over the years. Johnny speaks often of Hunter, and he is mentioned by others in the course of their memories.

Johnny’s final words about Hunter are haunting: the Good Doctor left Johnny a long phone message, and Johnny listened to part of it before he had to leave, so he saved the rest of the message to hear later. “[T]he clock was ticking and I had to run,” Johnny says. “The part of it I did hear was so sweet, and up, and light. I saved the message and went on to do my stuff, and by the time I got the news that Hunter had made his exit, that message was gone–it just evaporated.” Says Johnny sadly, “I never heard the end.”

To read Johnny Depp’s contributions to GONZO: AN ORAL BIOGRAPHY, click on the JDZ ARCHIVES button above, select “Johnny Depp Zone Archives,” and click on the By Johnny Home button. The new addition is the final entry in the archive. –Part-Time Poet

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