TV ALERT–Watch for Johnny Depp and SWEENEY TODD on E! channel's "Hot Holiday 16" tonight

The E! network kicks off its movie promotion for the upcoming holiday season tonight, Friday November 16th, with a half-hour special called “Hot Holiday 16.” Presumably this will include trailers and other promotional features for 16 films to be released between now and New Year’s Day (when one-week Oscar consideration runs must be completed). E! is dropping Johnny Depp’s name first in their promo spot: “What do Johnny Depp, Natalie Portman, Jerry Seinfeld & Keira Knightley have in common? Well, these stars and many others will drop by during our preview of must-see holiday movies.” While we aren’t expecting Johnny to literally “drop by,” it will be great to see a feature on SWEENEY TODD. “Hot Holiday 16” airs at 6 p.m. tonight Eastern and Pacific time, and 5 p.m. Central, with repeat broadcasts at 8 a.m. Eastern on Saturday, November 17th and 7 a.m. Eastern on Sunday, November 18th. Thanks to scratchthedragon for breaking the story. –Part-Time Poet

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