Johnny Depp tops Forbes Magazine's list of top-earning actors

According to FORBES Magazine, Johnny Depp ranks first on the list of top-earning actors in Hollywood. Says Forbes, “He generated $92 million during the 12 months ending June 30, more than any other single actor, regardless of age group.” The magazine’s feature focuses on actors over 35 and their deal-making clout–“Nothing generates income in Hollywood like a proven track record,” notes Forbes–but here, too, Johnny transcends any age restrictions. He is the #1 earner, period . . . largely thanks to a certain roguish pirate and a ship called the Black Pearl.

“Just five years ago, the idea that Depp would ultimately become Hollywood’s top-earning actor would have been inconceivable, even laughable,” says Forbes. “Depp had long commanded more respect than box-office pull for his offbeat but critically acclaimed roles in films such as EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, ED WOOD, [. . .] and CHOCOLAT. Then he unexpectedly hit pay dirt in 2003 with the release of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL, the first installment in what turned out to be a massively profitable franchise for Walt Disney Pictures. Depp’s charismatic portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow struck just the right balance between Hollywood appeal and his own inherent weirdness, transforming him into a mainstream box office star.” Of course Forbes’s focus here is strictly financial and not artistic, but it is always pleasant to see a great artist rewarded for his work.

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