Announcing 5 new articles for the Johnny Depp Zone Interview Archive!

We have just added five new articles to the Johnny Depp Zone Interview Archive for your reading enjoyment. Here’s a list of the new interviews in chronological order:

(1) From Cosmopolitan, January 1991: “Johnny Depp: Hollywood’s Tough, Rough New Romeo” by Tom Burke catches Johnny just as EDWARD SCISSORHANDS comes into theaters–surprising people who only knew Johnny’s work from JUMP STREET. Johnny meets the reporter in McSorley’s Old Ale House in Manhattan, and the reactions of the people in the bar add a lot of lively local color to the profile.

(2) From TV Hits, May 1991: “The Good Life” by Edwin J. Bernard is a question-and-answer session focusing on Johnny’s music career as well as his work on PLATOON and JUMP STREET.

(3) From Film Review, August 1993: “Deeply Deppy” by David Aldridge is a charming profile that dates from the UK promotion for BENNY & JOON. The section where Johnny talks about his affection for silent movies and the style of acting in silent films is especially pertinent, since he and Tim apparently approached SWEENEY TODD as “a silent film with music.”

(4) From The Sunday Herald, March 11, 2001: “An Interview with Johnny Depp” by Graeme Virtue is part of the UK promotion for CHOCOLAT, and it catches Johnny at a blissful time of life, when he is happily settled with Vanessa and Lily-Rose in France. Johnny speaks at some length about fatherhood, and also about acting with Juliette Binoche, and about the problems of debuting a film in France in which the French characters don’t speak French, but English.

(5) From Woman, January 30, 2006: “Johnny Depp” by Gabrielle Donnelly; the focus of this brief profile is domestic–Johnny the family man. Given the magazine’s audience, it’s not surprising that most of the anecdotes revolve around Johnny’s interactions with Lily-Rose, Jack, and Vanessa, and not the details of movie-making. Short and sweet.

We thank Theresa, FANtasticJD, DeepinDepp and Part-Time Poet for donating the articles to the Archives, and Theresa and Joni for putting them on the website. To read the new articles, click on the JDZ ARCHIVES button above, select JOHNNY DEPP ZONE ARCHIVES, and click on the “Interview Home” button. There are direct links to the new interviews at the bottom of the Interview Home Page. Enjoy . . . and you may want to look around at the other 150 interviews there, as well as the quotes about Johnny, writings by Johnny Depp, and fan fiction by Zone authors while you’re in the Archives. –Part-Time Poet

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