Johnny Depp tops TiVo "wish lists," says the company

Got a DeppWish? You’re not alone . . . . A spokeswoman for the TiVo company confirms that Johnny Depp consistently heads more TiVo “wish lists” than any other performer. “Academy Award nominee Johnny Depp trumps Oscar winners Clint Eastwood, Julia Roberts and John Wayne in a ranking of the most ‘wish-listed’ actors by subscribers to TiVo,” reports today’s New York Post. “The wish list allows TiVo users to set up their system to record all week anything that features a certain actor. Depp has held the title eight of the past 10 weeks, said company spokeswoman Rachel Helfont.” Well done, Johnny and TiVo users! We’re glad to see you’re putting that technology to good use. –Part-Time Poet

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