Johnny Depp does interview for upcoming DVD of John Waters's CRY-BABY~~

Fans of John Waters’ cult classic CRY-BABY, the film which let Johnny Depp escape his 21 JUMP STREET pigeonhole forever, will be happy to know that a DVD version is in the works at last. (Up to now, the film was only available on VHS.) Even better, the extras on this “director’s cut” will feature an interview with Johnny! In an interview with Angela Dawson of Entertainment News Wire, John Waters confided that he keeps in touch with Johnny: “Johnny is doing an interview for the director’s cut of CRY-BABY for DVD.” Asked if he was “amazed” by Johnny’s career success, Waters replied, “Johnny, I’m not surprised. I believe I was lucky to get him when I did. Everybody knew he was going to be a star.”

The Zone thanks Joni for posting the John Waters interview on the News forum. You can read the full interviewhere.

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