PIRATES 4 a possibility down the road, Geoffrey Rush tells interviewer

Doing promotion for his soon-to-be-released film ELIZABETH: THE GOLDEN AGE, Geoffrey Rush also fielded inquiries from Edward Douglas of comingsoon.net about the possibility of another PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN film with Johnny Depp–after all, AT WORLD’S END is the top-grossing film of 2007. The Oscar-winning Rush is not at all averse to another turn as the wily Captain Barbossa . . . somewhere down the road. But don’t look for an immediate return to the sea: “I think people will let it sit for a while,” Rush said. “There’s a strange attitude about franchise movies,” he told Douglas. “People look at them as that rather than storytelling.”

Rush, however, holds no prejudice toward “franchise movies,” and points to some legendary examples from Hollywood’s Golden Age. “Back in the old days, how many THIN MAN movies did William Powell end up doing? Probably five or six. How many road movies did Bob and Bing end up doing over 25-year period?” Rush thinks “There could be a point” when another PIRATES film could become a reality, “because Jack Sparrow is probably now to a certain generation more well known as a representative of the Disney imagination than Mickey Mouse himself and Johnny’s performance in that role is such an extraordinary thing . . . that it may pop up.”

Thanks to Gilbert’s Girl for the interview–you can read the excerpt on the Zone’s News & Views forum, and look for the full interview with Geoffrey Rush on comingsoon.net in the near future. –Part-Time Poet

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