THE LIBERTINE's director says he is "hoping" for a U.S. distributor "sometime next year~~"

Eight Zoners–fya, RustyRed, Linda B, FANtastic JD, Babs, Wilma, Chocolat, and Lizabel–attended the September 18th screening of THE LIBERTINE as a work-in-progress at the Toronto Film Festival. Afterwards, they were lucky enough to speak with Laurence Dunmore, the film’s director. Asked if there is a U.S. distribution deal in the works for THE LIBERTINE, Dunmore replied that he is hoping for a distributor “sometime next year,” and that was the best he could offer. Sounds like there’s nothing definite yet . . . . Fanny (fya) reports that the director was extremely cordial to the fans and “signed everyone’s ticket, play book, whatever they had.” The Zoners found the film extremely moving and Johnny’s performance magnificent–“one of his best,” says fya–but would like to see a little work done on the continuity, to make the story easier to follow for those unfamiliar with Rochester’s life. Babs and RustyRed, who were seeing THE LIBERTINE for the second time, said the film affected them even more on a second viewing.

The Zone thanks everyone who attended the Toronto Film Festival for their reports and reactions. You can read fya’s account of the screening on her “Return from Toronto–Libertine” thread on the News & Views board.

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