PEOPLE Magazine names Johnny Depp one of its "Best Dressed" men

The new issue of PEOPLE Magazine (cover date September 24, 2007) features its annual list of the “Best and Worst Dressed” celebrities, and although the issue’s focus is mostly on the ladies, it does name Johnny Depp one of the five Best Dressed Men. (The other sartorially splendid guys? David Beckham, Terrence Howard, Brad Pitt and George Clooney.) While we salute PEOPLE’s selection, we can’t help chuckling as we recall the other years when Johnny landed in their “Worst Dressed” section–too fashion-forward for his own good, I guess. Deppheads probably won’t want to part with $3.99 for this issue, though, as the gentlemen get short shrift: all five of the “Best Men” are photoshopped together into a single photograph on page 160 of the magazine. To see the photo, click here: There is a full-size scan on the News & Views forum. Thanks to Sleepy for breaking the news. –Part-Time Poet

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