Videos of Johnny Depp at the Venice Film Festival

For all of us who weren’t lucky enough to be in Venice on Wednesday, when Johnny Depp presented Tim Burton with the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the Venice Film Festival, the Zone’s newshounds have rounded up some video clips of the event from entertainment news sources. Here’s a two-minute video (in English) from Associated Press, with lots of comments from Tim Burton: And from EuroNews, here’s a video which combines red carpet footage and press conference remarks with actual footage of the Golden Lion award ceremony. You can hear Johnny’s speech and see the presentation on this one: Many thanks to Emma for both videos. RumLover sends along a brief clip which ran on E!News:

Here’s a clip of the red carpet from Progetto Italia–there is so much screaming from the fans on this one that it really feels like you’re there: Thanks to Emma again for sharing the video. And finally, from YouTube, here’s an audience-shot video (you knew there had to be one) of the entire Golden Lion ceremony: The sound quality here is poor–the audience is very loud and the speeches are very quiet–but it does let you see Johnny present the award, and Tim accept it. The Zone thanks Theresa for sharing the You Tube video. –Part-Time Poet

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