DreamWorks confirms SWEENEY TODD to carry R rating

Don’t believe the widely-circulating rumors in the press that claim that director Tim Burton has been asked to “trim the gore” from SWEENEY TODD because the studios were uneasy with the blood . . . and that rumor that Burton was supposed to deliver a PG-13 film is balderdash, too. “DreamWorks has always said it was an R,” reports Variety’s Thompson on Hollywood. “Anyone who knows the show knows that it involves killing and meat pies.” Adds Thompson, “My sources say that the issue of cutting back the violence is ‘wild rumors.’ Neither studio has seen the whole film; it won’t screen until the third week of September. But as a measure of their enthusiasm, on the basis of all that they have seen and the strength of their marketing materials, the studios have decided to release the movie wide at Christmas instead of limited at Christmas and wide in January. That suggests they expect robust holiday business. As for the violence, the movie is what it is. That’s not going to be the issue.” Many thanks to emma for posting the article on the Zone’s News & Views forum–you can read more SWEENEY TODD news there. –Part-Time Poet

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