For your reading pleasure–six new additions to the Johnny Depp Zone Interview Archive

If you’re looking for something Johnny-related to read while we await news of SWEENEY TODD and SHANTARAM, we have just added six more articles to the Johnny Depp Zone Interview Archive. The articles run the gamut of Johnny’s career, with the earliest dated from the JUMP STREET era and the two most recent from the AT WORLD’S END promotion last May. Here’s what you’ll find:

Monika Guttman’s 1988 article for the Sun Sentinel, called “21 Jump Street Actor Wants to Shake Image,”shows Johnny already chafing at his teen idol image.

Grace Marks’ 2003 Evening Standard article called “Johnny at 40” is part of the promotion for the original POTC; it features the famous quote where Johnny says he would like to have 100 children.

We have added a pair of Q&A interviews with Johnny about THE LIBERTINE, one from the BBC and one from, from November 2005.

From May 2007, you’ll find the ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY cover story on AT WORLD’S END called “Days of Plunder,” and an interview by Martyn Palmer called “Johnny’s Treasure Chest” which ran in The Mail on Sunday. It’s well worth a look, since Johnny gave so few interviews for AWE. The Palmer article contains (among other things) Johnny’s confirmation that Lily-Rose was treated at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital during her illness.

Many thanks to FANtastic JD, Theresa and emma for the interviews, and to Theresa for transcribing and coding them for the Archives. You can view the articles here: –Part-Time Poet

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