ONBC prepares a new book discussion–John Fante's "Wait Until Spring, Bandini"

Oprah Noodlemantra’s Book Club has announced its next selection–John Fante’s classic Wait until Spring, Bandini. Fante’s series of Arturo Bandini novels (which also includes Ask the Dust) is a favorite of Johnny Depp–in fact, Johnny was scheduled to write an introduction for the newest Canongate edition of Wait until Spring, Bandini until his schedule got too crowded this spring. (The best-laid plans . . . .) A coming-of-age tale set in Colorado during the Depression, Wait until Spring, Bandini explores the frayed relationships in an Italian family through the eyes of the eldest son. Fante’s writing is supple, vivid, and passionate, and his stubborn characters always ring true. Liz and DeppintheHeartofTexas will be posting background tidbits on Wait until Spring, Bandini throughout the month of August, and the ONBC discussion of the novel will begin after Labor Day. Do stop by for what is sure to be a very stimulating discussion! And thanks, as always, to Liz and DITHOT for their outstanding work. –Part-Time Poet

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