New SWEENEY TODD poster debuts at ComicCon

Here’s the first look at artwork promoting the Tim Burton film of SWEENEY TODD; the image shows Johnny Depp (as Todd) sitting in his lethal barber’s chair and brandishing a razor in his right hand, while over his shoulder a fog-shrouded image of Big Ben appears through a window. The words “Never forget. Never forgive.” appear in red beneath Todd’s feet. Johnny’s name appears above the title (“Johnny Depp is . . . SWEENEY TODD”), and the release date is given as “This Christmas.” The poster was shown at ComicCon in San Diego today as part of the DreamWorks slate; it also appeared on Entertainment Tonight. You can see a larger version of the poster here:

Many thanks to Holden, who found the original image at, SB, capnjacksgirl85, and JD101, who posted successively larger versions of the poster on the Zone’s News & Views forum. You can read a lively discussion of the poster and all things SWEENEY TODD there. –Part-Time Poet

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