TV ALERT–Johnny Depp's 2006 appearance on THE LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN re-airs tonight, Thursday June 21st!

If you are suffering serious Johnny Depp withdrawal now that the promotion for PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: AT WORLD’S END is over, you can catch one of Johnny’s best interviews tonight on CBS as THE LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN re-airs Johnny’s visit from last July. Here is your chance to hear once again Johnny’s delightful tale of how he reacted when 20thCentury-Fox studios put a giant billboard of himself as Officer Tom Hanson on their lot on Pico Boulevard in the early days of 21 JUMP STREET.

The fledgling Fox network was proud to have a bona fide hit, but the fledgling actor was not as thrilled with the promotion. “There was a massive billboard of me with a gun,” Johnny explains, “with a slogan that said, ‘Other kids pack lunch.’ I knew right away that something had to be done about it. [. . .] I thought the gun was bad news, and I thought my mug up there was worse.” So what did Johnny do? “I commandeered a friend of mine, and we went to a hardware store and bought some paint.” You can hear the rest of the story tonight with Dave . . . many thanks to THE LATE SHOW for re-airing this great episode; it rare for them to dig so deep into their vault. Thanks also to myfave for posting the news on the Zone! Here are a couple of pictures from last July’s show to jog your memory: and –Part-Time Poet

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