See Geoffrey Rush interview on AWE and Johnny Depp–AMC Wednesday at 7 am

“He’s a great character actor who happens to also be a leading man”–that’s Geoffrey Rush’s assessment of his co-star Johnny Depp, offered to host Peter Guber on AMC’s SUNDAY MORNING SHOOTOUT. Mr. Rush, witty and eloquent as always, was the guest on Sunday’s edition (June 10th)–the program repeats today, Wednesday June 13th, at 7 am Eastern, and is highly recommended. The Oscar-winning actor discusses the filming of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: AT WORLD’S END, in which he plays the scheming Captain Hector Barbossa; he spends a significant portion of the interview discussing Johnny Depp and Johnny’s approach to film acting.

Geoffrey Rush calls Johnny “the best there is;” as proof, he points not only to the excellence of Johnny’s performances but also the range of his roles. “It’s very hard-pressed throughout all of Hollywood history to find someone of that diversity,” Mr. Rush tells Peter Guber. “It’s the kind of diversity you expect, let’s say, in the old days from the great knights of the theater, where Olivier would be Richard III and then he’d be the dentist in MARATHON MAN. Pretty impressive stuff!”

You can see a brief clip of Geoffrey’s interview on the AMC website here: Many thanks to FANtasticJD for sharing the news! –Part-Time Poet

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