"Playing this character will always bring a smile to my face"–Johnny Depp interview on AT WORLD'S END in July 2007 TOTAL FILM

The July 2007 issue of TOTAL FILM features a cover of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow and, inside, a cornucopia of delightful interviews with the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: AT WORLD’S END cast and crew. Reporter Aubrey Day conducts a joint interview with Johnny and POTC scriptwriter Terry Rossio, and finds Johnny heaping praise on (as usual) everybody but himself. Here’s what Johnny has to say about his producer, Jerry Bruckheimer, and his director, Gore Verbinkski:

JD: Jerry Bruckheimer [. . . ] he’s the great protector. He stands there and wards off any and all sorts of evil spirits, or just concerned parties, to stop them from getting to the work, touching any of that, getting to [director] Gore Verbinski. And if there are any real heroes within this little community, man, Gore is the King Hero. And the immediate crew: those guys who are there in the trenches, the grips, the electricians, craft services. I honestly don’t know how Gore is able to be upright after all he’s done. And also everything he retains in his brain. It’s weird. As an actor you could almost not read the script at all, and just rely on Gore. I think he has a photographic memory or something. He’s just a wizard.

And will there be further PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN adventures?

TERRY ROSSIO: I’ll tell you one thing: Johnny will not make the same film twice. If there is to be another Captain Jack adventure, it won’t be like any of the three films that came before.

JD: Playing this character will always, always bring a smile to my face . . . .

The TOTAL FILM article also includes interviews with Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley. Many thanks to Gilbert’s Girl for bringing us the news, and In-too-Depp for sharing her scans of the article. –Part-Time Poet

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