Johnny Depp appears–all too briefly–on ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, May 7th

Johnny Depp appeared in a very brief segment of ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT during the May 7th broadcast, promoting the release of the third film in the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN trilogy, AT WORLD’S END, and telling the ET reporter “I’ve loved playing Captain Jack.” But what brought that laugh to Johnny’s face? It was the sight of himself, dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow, adorning a large square pillow (pillows available at the Disney Store near you, of course). “Congratulations–you’ve frightened me,” he declared, laughing. “I mean, to see yourself on a pillow! I mean, breakfast cereal . . . .” Johnny paused and snapped his fingers, as if he were now used to seeing the Captain Jack cereal boxes and could take it in stride. “But . . . a pillow?”

To see a screencap of Johnny Depp holding the Captain Jack pillow, click here: Many thanks to RumLover for the ET story and pillow screencap, and to AnaMaria for the photo of Johnny laughing. –Part-Time Poet

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