BRANDO documentary debuts on Turner Classic Movies–features interview with Johnny Depp

The photo at left features Johnny Depp doing his impersonation of Marlon Brando during the excellent two-part documentary BRANDO airing on Turner Classic Movies on May 1st and 2nd. The retrospective examines Brando’s performances and his impact on the film industry, but it also includes fascinating reminiscences with his children, friends and colleagues. “Marlon revolutionized acting,” Johnny tells the filmmakers. “Without question, he was the pioneer; he changed it.” When watching a Brando performance, Johnny explains, “You were watching someone feel, so what became infinitely more important was what was going on underneath the words, when you watched Marlon Brando.”

On the purely personal level, Brando’s daughter Rebecca describes what it was like to spend time with him: “When you were walking with him or in a room with him, there was more to life. He could stop the planet. You were in the moment with him and that was it.” Zone members who have met Johnny Depp describe the same sort of reaction; he could stop the planet.

The Zone thanks dharma_bum for posting an article on the Brando documentary on the News & Views forum; thanks also to AnaMaria for the screencap of Johnny. –Part-Time Poet

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