Drinks all around! PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN'S CHEST wins six Visual Effects Society awards!

The visual effects wizards of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN’S CHEST received a resounding “Huzzah!” from their peers at the Visual Effects Society on Sunday night, winning all six awards for which they were nominated. Wow! Congratulations to John Knoll, Jill Brooks, Hal Hickel, and Charlie Gibson, who received the Visual Effects Society’s equivalent of a “Best Picture” award for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Visual Effects Driven Motion Picture. DEAD MAN’S CHEST also won for Best Single Visual Effect of the Year for the “Flying Dutchman Sequence;” congratulations to John Knoll, Ned Gorman, Jakub Pistecky, and Tom Fejes. And it’s no surprise that DEAD MAN’S CHEST collected a trophy for Outstanding Animated Character in a Live Action Motion Picture–that would be the one-and-only Davy Jones. Congratulations to Steve Walton, Jung-Seung Hong, Marc Chu, and James Tooley for their work.

DEAD MAN’S CHEST also won Visual Effects Society Awards for Outstanding Created Environment in a Live Action Motion Picture–congratulations to Chris Stoski, Susumu Yukuhiro, Jack Mongovan, and Greg Salter; Outstanding Models and Miniatures in a Motion Picture–congratulations to Bruce Holcomb, Ron Woodall, Charlie Bailey, and Carl Miller; and Outstanding Compositing in a Motion Picture–congratulations to Eddie Pasquarello, Francois Lambert, Jeff Sutherland, and Tory Mercer.

Variety reports that, for the first time, the VES Awards were held at the Kodak Grand Ballroom in Hollywood and “saw the biggest attendance yet at the rapidly growing event.” It’s a pleasure to see these artists recognized for their contributions, and we join the Visual Effects Society in giving John Knoll’s crew a standing ovation. Thanks to Gilbert’s Girl and sleepy for sharing the great news! A full list of winners in all categories appears on the Zone’s News & Views forum. –Part-Time Poet

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