BREAKING NEWS–Johnny Depp plays concert with The Kids in Florida!

The actor took a hiatus and Johnny Depp the guitarist took the stage on Sunday night, as The Kids reunited at Club Cinema in Pompano Beach, Florida for a tribute to the late Sheila Witkin, mother of The Kids’ lead singer, Bruce. Johnny wore a white sleeveless T-shirt, white shirt with long sleeves, vest, and jeans; Deppheads will recognize his tortoiseshell glasses and a favorite gray beret, on backwards. The photo at left was taken by Chenault, one of several Zoners who attended tonight’s concert, and shows Johnny on the Club Cinema stage.

Gemini reports that the Kids were the final band of the evening; they came onstage around 9:30 p.m. and played for two hours! “The poor guys were getting tired but having too much fun to stop,” she told the Zone. “The last few songs quite a few of the guys who had already performed came on stage, and they were all performing together. Johnny did reach down and touch the hands of some of the people in the front row between songs towards the end. Every few songs Johnny would stop and wipe his face with a towel. It was hot under those lights.” Indeed, it got so hot that at one point Johnny went offstage and shed his vest and shirt, and came back to play in his white sleeveless T-shirt. Hopefully there were some photographers in the house!

“You could tell they really did enjoy playing together again,” Gemini told us. Videos that prove her true are already popping up on YouTube; you can find links on the Zone’s News & Views forum, as well as eyewitness accounts of the concert by Gemini, Chenault, and Kelly, and phoned-in reports by DeepinDepp and Dawn68PA. Thanks to everyone who shared the news–this was a great evening! –Part-Time Poet

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