MAGAZINE ALERT–Johnny Depp appears in the November 27, 2006 issue of PEOPLE Magazine

That gorgeous photo of Johnny Depp can be found in the current issue of PEOPLE Magazine, where he appears as the July representative in their “Men of the Year” calendar feature. This is the double issue dated November 27, 2006 and popularly referred to as “The Sexiest Man Alive” issue, although this year PEOPLE, for unfathomable reasons, did not elect to put the sexiest man alive on their cover. He can be found, however, on page 96. For a larger view of the photo, click HERE; a bigger scan is available on the Zone’s News & Views forum, followed by a lively discussion.

The PEOPLE photograph is accompanied by a mention of DEAD MAN’S CHEST’s boffo box office performance, and notes that Johnny (called “bona fide box office gold”) owns his own island in the Caribbean. It includes this brief quote from Johnny: “The only thing money means to me is the freedom it buys me. Living in the islands is heaven. It’ll be easier to give [my kids] a normal upbringing there.”

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