Johnny Depp appears in new Johnny Cash video, "God's Gonna Cut You Down"

The new Johnny Cash video, “God’s Gonna Cut You Down,” premiered on CMT, MTV, and VH1 on Thursday. The first release from Cash’s posthumous album AMERICAN V: A HUNDRED HIGHWAYS, the video is shot as a tribute to Johnny Cash and features 36 celebrities (mainly musicians), wearing black, mouthing the words to the song over Mr. Cash’s vocal. Johnny Depp appears very briefly near the end of the track; he is standing in a theater box in front of a curtain, playing his guitar. The photo at left is from the black-and-white video; to see a larger version, click HERE, and to see a screencap of Johnny playing guitar, click HERE. The Zone thanks Silvia for her screencaps. You can watch the video HERE. Thanks to Mrs Pink, Theresa, Charly, KSmith, FANtasticJD and dharma_bum for their work on this story, and for sharing the video.

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