Zoner meets Johnny Depp at Guadalupe Dunes

One of the Zone’s members, Carol Darlin’, was in a fortunate group of 15 fans who had an in-person encounter with Johnny Depp and other PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: AT WORLD’S END cast members on the Guadalupe Dunes on Thursday, October 19th. The photo at left was taken by Carol on Thursday evening; to see a larger version, click HERE. Here’s part of Carol Darlin’ story:

“Just before dark, a bus suddenly stopped and out jumped Mr. Gibbs, Pintel and Regatti and [Marty Klebba] enthusiastically smiling and all the kids got their autographs. Mr. Gibbs said ‘Keep to the Code,’ and Pintel said, ‘Ello Poppet’ for the kids.

“The guards told us that Johnny, depending on how tired he is, may just roll down the window and wave, which would have been just great. So, we had our cameras ready. Finally, a black SUV came to the entrance and stopped at the highway patrol car for a moment, then rolled forward towards us. When we saw it stop in front of us and the doors opened, we could barely contain ourselves. But, we stayed quiet and waited. And then, there he was. Johnny Depp was standing four feet in front of us, smiling, looking beautiful, wearing his old leather jacket and a black beanie, with his pirate beards and some eyeliner still on. What a thrill!”

The Zone thanks Carol Darlin’ very much for sharing the details of her wonderful encounter with us. You can read the full story on the Porch–enjoy!

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