"Remember Dusty's words," Johnny Depp tells the Children's Hospital gala: "Today is a gift. Have fun."

Johnny Depp was in the spotlight Saturday night, receiving the “Courage to Care” award from the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, but he used his moments at the podium to direct attention away from himself and back to the seriously ill children whom the evening was meant to help. Johnny was introduced by a beaming Jennifer Lopez, who said, “The bracelet on Johnny’s wrist [the Children’s Hospice bracelet] is an expression of his devotion to all children. Johnny’s kindness and generosity behind the scenes, making children a priority, are why he is one of tonight’s award recipients. His films are inspirational for children all over the world. Johnny Depp is a role model for all of us.”

Johnny then came to the podium, thanked Jennifer, and said: “First to say that I am humbled by this award, I am so thankful and so touched. But I want to . . . I want to salute you people for your generosity, and I want to applaud you [he pauses to applaud] and you . . . Giselle [Giselle Fernadez-Ferrand, the organizer of the benefit] .. salute you, and the doctors and the nurses and all the people who bring these kids around, you know. And lastly to the kids–you know, the courage that I have seen in the eyes of these little ones, that you don’t see anywhere else, is astonishing and inspiring, so . . . [with a gesture of acknowledgement] to the little ones, to the babies . . . [he applauds again] – you know. And thank you all.”

Johnny concluded his speech by reminding his audience of the words of Dusty, the words engraved on his Children’s Hospice bracelet. “Remember those words, you know, Dusty’s words: I do, every day. ‘Today is a gift. Have fun.’ Just have fun.”

The Zone thanks AnaMaria for the transcription of Johnny’s speech, and AnaMaria and bonnie for the photos of the event; thanks to FANtasticJD and gilly for video clips. To see a larger picture of Johnny at the podium, click HERE, and to see a photo of Johnny with Jennifer Lopez, click HERE.

To order a Children’s Hospice bracelet like Johnny’s, click HERE. All proceeds benefit Children’s Hospice and Palliative Care Coalition.

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