"I enjoy acting more and more," Johnny Depp tells GOOD MORNING AMERICA

Johnny Depp appeared on GOOD MORNING AMERICA today, July 5th, to promote Friday’s release of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN’S CHEST. For the interview taped in London, Johnny wore his orange Gonzo shirt, jeans, trinkets, and a grey fedora. The GMA reporter suggested that Captain Jack Sparrow, being such a memorable character, would have “overwhelmed a lesser actor” and labeled him for life as Captain Jack, but that Johnny’s impressive resume–with performances like Edward Scissorhands and Ed Wood–protected him. “Although there is the off chance that I’ll end up at fast food chains doing personal appearances,” Johnny said, grinning, “or golf tournaments as Jack Sparrow. Things like that.”

At the beginning of his career, Johnny considered himself a musician who took acting jobs to pay the rent. But he told GMA that acting has grown on him: “It’s a process that I enjoy more and more,” he said. Might that process include playing Captain Jack again? “You never know,” Johnny replied. “I mean selfishly as an actor, I just think I could continue on, because he’s just so much fun to play.” The Zone thanks DeepinDepp for breaking the story and Susanne for posting the segment on Video Clips. You can find both Johnny’s and Keira’s GOOD MORNING AMERICA appearances on the ABC website HERE.

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