French director Yvan Attal talks about casting Johnny~~

In a charming interview, French director Yvan Attal discusses how he happened to approach Johnny Depp about playing his heroine’s “dream man” in his film ILS SE MARIERENT . . . . Why did he think of Johnny to play the fantasy of a perfect man? Attal replies, “When I wrote the script I thought…who will be this guy for whom all women will fall? And…right away I thought about him!” Don’t miss Attal’s account of having dinner with Johnny and Vanessa, or his feelings when he captured Johnny in his camera lens for the first time. The full interview is available on the Zone’s News & Views board. We thank Frenchy very much for her translation–merci beaucoup, Frenchy!–and JPduQuebec for posting the interview on the Zone.

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