Johnny Depp on the cover of the new ROLLING STONE

Yes, that’s Captain Jack Sparrow, the one and only “Gonzo Pirate,” on the cover of the July 13-20 issue of ROLLING STONE. Inside the issue is a 6-page interview with Johnny Depp, written by Mark Binelli, called “The Last Buccaneer.” Binelli is principally interested in Johnny’s approach to the Jack Sparrow character–why he said “Yes” to the first movie, and how he created his performance. “I picked up all kinds of books to prepare,” says Johnny. “Research is at least half the fun. It’s like studying for a history exam.” He then gives Binelli a lively account of life aboard a pirate ship.

The profile also contains Johnny’s reminiscences about the late Hunter S. Thompson, who wrote his classic FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS for ROLLING STONE. “He was about the best friend you could have, really,” Johnny says. Was Johnny surprised by Thompson’s suicide in 2005? “I was and I wasn’t. I was horrified, but the way he went about it was absolutely consistent,” Johnny replies. “He was never going to be the guy who collapsed in his soup bowl. That’s not Hunter’s legacy.” The Zone thanks Donna B. for posting scans of the ROLLING STONE article and emma for sharing the cover. For a larger view of Matthew Rolston’s cover photo, click HERE.

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