Johnny Depp interview and new pictures in USA TODAY June 26th

USA TODAY hops aboard the pirate ship with a lengthy feature article on Johnny Depp in its Monday (June 26) edition. Reporter Anthony Breznican focuses on the uneasiness that the Disney studio felt about Johnny’s choices for Captain Jack Sparrow in the first movie, versus the carte blanche Depp received for DEAD MAN’S CHEST. “On PIRATES 2 and 3, we didn’t get the calls–‘My God, you’re ruining the movie!'” Johnny admits. “In a lot of instances they kind of were beyond supportive to the degree where it’s, ‘Keep doing it! Make some more stuff up! Add some more weirdness!'”

That’s an unusual experience for Johnny. More often, he admits, his studio bosses are “freaked out” about his approach to a role, which he thinks is a good sign. “It’s not like you get a thrill out of worrying them. But if they’re freaked out about it, that means it’s different. Let’s keep going in that direction.”

To guide his creative spirit, Johnny relies on the example of his two departed mentors and dear friends, Marlon Brando and Hunter S. Thompson, neither of whom believed in playing it safe. “I wouldn’t do anything that I thought could disappoint them or make them ashamed. Even if I’m alone–even if I’m going down this road and I feel it’s really what this character is and everyone in the world thinks I’m wrong–you’ve got to do what you believe in.”

The Zone thanks DeepinDepp for posting the USA TODAY article and picture on the News & Views forum. To see a larger version of that gorgeous new photo of Johnny Depp, click HERE.

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