BREAKING NEWS–DEAD MAN'S CHEST premiere at Disneyland: the JOHNNY DEPP ZONE reports live from the red carpet!

Yes, Captain Jack is back, and the Johnny Depp Zone has him . . . . Zoners have taken up positions on both sides of the red carpet at Disneyland and are phoning in reports and sending back photos via camera phone. Many thanks to Charlene who took the photo at the left, and to Susanne who received it and posted it on the Zone’s News & Views forum. ONBC moderators Liz and DeppintheHeartofTexas are with Charlene the ace photographer (you can see more of her photos on the News & Views forum), KYWoman, dharma_bum, Bohemian, and ZsaZsa. The intrepid Kittycat88 has organized a large Zone group who are taking up positions along the red carpet, including JohnnyFanatic, jansysparrow, recentjdocdvictim, MommaDeppLover, bringmethathorizon, wino4ever,alexandra, Deppth,and CompletelyObsessed. They will be phoning updates to the Zone all afternoon and evening. Thanks very much to all our field reporters for giving us all a front-row seat at the DEAD MAN’S CHEST premiere! And thanks to DeepinDepp and Susanne for transcribing those ecstatic phone calls and posting them on the News & Views forum.

MSN Video will join with the Disneyland resort to provide a live 90-minute webcast of the red carpet festivities later today. MSN’s coverage begins at 7 pm Pacific Daylight (California) Time. You can view the webcast HERE. The Zone thanks DeepinDepp, AnaMaria, and Silvia for the information.

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