Johnny Depp appears on ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, EXTRA! and THE INSIDER on June 19th

The photo shows Johnny Depp as he appeared in promotional footage for PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN’S CHEST which was shown on ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, EXTRA! and THE INSIDER on Monday night, June 19th. (To see a screencap, click HERE.) The clips were taken from an upcoming “On the Set” special to air on the Starz cable network beginning June 23rd, so the content of each program was quite similar–highlights of the DEAD MAN’S CHEST trailer intercut with interviews with Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley, producer Jerry Bruckheimer, and (on ACCESS HOLLYWOOD) writers Terry Rossio and Ted Elliott. According to the scribes, “When we were writing Jack Sparrow the first time through, of course we hadn’t seen Johnny’s performance, and we were writing this trickster-rogue-swashbuckler character. Johnny’s performance was absolutely correct to what we wrote . . . but nothing like what we had imagined it would be.”

THE INSIDER calls Johnny’s Captain Jack “a whole lot of pirate with a little bit of rock star thrown in,” and offers this praise of Depp’s creation: “Johnny’s Jack Sparrow filled a void Hollywood didn’t know it had–no doubt, one of the most colorful movie characters of all time.” Producer Jerry Bruckheimer agrees: “We wouldn’t be all back here [had] not Johnny wanted to play this character again . . . and hopefully he’ll want to play it for a long time because we love making these movies.” Says Johnny, “One of the initial things that was really important to me was that a three-year-old can sit down next to a 50-year-old, and they all get the same thing out of this character.”

EXTRA! includes an extended interview with Keira Knightley, who says, “Just watching him work is really extraordinary because that [Captain Jack] is his–he’s come up with that, and you can only admire him. [. . . H]e came in and he created this amazing character.”

The Zone thanks SparrowsHeaven,Shook, and Donna B. for reporting the entertainment news on the Zone’s News & Views forum; special thanks to Shook for sharing the screencap of Captain Jack. Zone members can view all three features on our Video Clips forum–many thanks to Intodadepps for posting them!

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