"He's fabulous to work with": PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN'S CHEST co-star Bill Nighy talks about Johnny Depp

In a recent interview with MovieWeb, British actor Bill Nighy, who plays Davey Jones in PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN’S CHEST, had nothing but praise for the upcoming film and its star, Johnny Depp. Asked how he felt about being asked to join the cast, Nighy replied, “Well, I was thrilled because just like everyone else in the world, I loved the first movie and I was very pleased to join. It’s slightly daunting to be one of the new guys [. . .]. But I was made extremely welcome by Johnny, Orlando (Bloom), Keira (Knightley), and Gore (Verbinski), and Jerry (Bruckheimer), and everybody. Once I got over the initial confusion of wearing my strange computer pajamas, I was very pleased.”

Of the man who plays Captain Jack Sparrow, Nighy says, “Johnny’s a brilliant man, and a wonderful man, as well as an exemplary co-worker. When I first arrived, we worked out a few scenes together; there were some small accidents and he’s extremely inventive, he never stops working. He’s fabulous to work with.”

The full interview with Bill Nighy is available HERE, but be ye warned–there are spoilers. To read a safe and spoiler-free version of the Nighy interview, check the Zone’s News & Views forum; thanks very much to DeepinDepp for posting the news and preparing the spoiler-free transcript . . . .

And what is Nighy’s verdict on DEAD MAN’S CHEST? “If you’re like me and loved the first movie, just go ahead [. . .]. It’s got everything you loved about the first one and everything you require; it’s romantic, it’s adventurous, and it’s profoundly funny.” DEAD MAN’S CHEST sails into multiplexes in North America one month from today, on July 7th.

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