20th Anniversary version of PLATOON, with new Johnny Depp footage, on sale today

The 20th Anniversary edition of Oliver Stone’s 1986 Oscar-winning PLATOON comes to retail stores in region 1 today; Stone’s new draft of his Vietnam war story includes ten minutes of additional footage cut from the 1986 version, although it is not clear from the advance publicity whether these minutes have been added back into the film or are presented as “deleted scenes.” We have been promised a bit more footage of Johnny Depp as Private Lerner, but Deppheads may want to rent the video first to see what’s available before making a purchase. Also, there are two versions of the 20th Anniversary PLATOON–a one-disc and a two-disc version–so check the packaging carefully before you buy. The beautiful photo of Johnny in character as Lerner ran in the May 30th USA TODAY; you can see a larger version HERE. Thanks to Charly and Donna B. for posting the PLATOON photo, and DeepinDepp, theresa, and emma for posting reviews and information about the Anniversary edition. Look for the “Platoon DVD” thread in the Pit to read all about it.

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