Johnny Depp Appears in Paul McCartney’s New Video, “Queenie Eye”

6212October 24 marked the release of Paul McCartney’s second video from his new album, aptly named “New.” Titled “Queenie Eye,” after a children’s game, Paul enlisted the assistance of a large group of pals—including Johnny Depp—to appear in the video. A larger picture of Johnny and Paul is available HERE.

Johnny was thrilled to be part of the video. “Being in that room—and especially being in that room with Paul—is uh, yeah, it’s quite a rush because that’s the room that changed the world. To have a collection of masterpieces under your belt and the fact that he has been doing it for as long as he’s been doing it . . . it’s always new, it’s always new for him. He still gets excited about it. He’s still curious. There’s one, you know . . . there’s only one of him.”

Enjoy watching Paul McCartney’s “Queenie Eye.”

The Zone thanks taba for sharing the video.

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