Say it isn't so . . . Miramax to postpone FINDING NEVERLAND's release again?

Deja vu all over again . . . Emma reports that FINDING NEVERLAND director Marc Forster told the audience at the Boston preview screening on August 23rd that Miramax had pushed back FINDING NEVERLAND’S U.S. release date from Thanksgiving to Christmas! There is as yet no confirmation from Miramax of the latest postponement. The delay seems foolhardy to Depp fans, who have been waiting for this film for two years now. New York and Los Angeles will get a slightly earlier release date, but that’s no consolation to the rest of the continent. Our thanks to Emma for keeping us informed on this frustrating saga. We wish Miramax would pick a FINDING NEVERLAND release date and stick to it–and the earlier the date, the happier we’ll be!

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