Ignore the Twitter hoax–Johnny Depp is alive and well

Once again, reports of Johnny Depp’s death are greatly exaggerated. A false report (actually a copy of an Internet death hoax about Johnny that circulated several years ago) began making the rounds on Sunday claiming that JD had died in a car accident in France over the weekend. According to E!News, fans began posting “RIP Johnny Depp” messages on their Twitter pages, sending the story spreading like wildfire. Be careful what you tweet, folks . . . because this story was bogus. (And so is the well-traveled hoax that claims Johnny Depp died in a fall in the mountains in New Zealand–that one resurfaces every couple of years.)

Robin Baum, JD’s longtime publicist, issued the following statement to the media: “He isn’t dead. He’s fine.” So there you have it: good news. –Part-Time Poet

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