Yo ho! Disney to release new DVD edition of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN on November 2!

Disney has announced a new DVD release of the Johnny Depp blockbuster PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN. Described as “a three-piece set,” the DVD will be in stores on November 2, 2004–just in time for the holiday gift-buying season. List price will be $29.99, but Amazon.com is offering a pre-order price of $20.99 plus shipping. The DVDs will be Region 1 only at this time. Disney has not yet released any details concerning the extras on the new version, or what that mysterious “third piece” of the set might be, so we don’t know what they are offering to tempt us to rebuy a film we already own. Many Zoners are hoping for a director’s cut of POTC which would restore their favorite deleted scenes. Thanks to Kellyr2 for sharing the news!

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