Great news! The Zone’s 2013 Birthday Project in support of Project Pueblo has raised $2,500!

One of the Zone’s most cherished traditions is our annual birthday gift for Johnny, called the Birthday Project. Each year we choose a charity which is connected to Johnny’s philanthropic interests, pool our modest contributions, and make a Zone donation to a worthy cause in his honor, as a way of celebrating and thanking Johnny for all the joy he has given us over the year. For this year’s project, we are partnering once again with Project Pueblo to bring water systems to Navajo families, and we have now raised more than $2,500!

Photos of Navajo families who received “Johnny Depp water systems” installed by Project Pueblo volunteers after last year’s Birthday Project are available HERE. Imagine never having the convenience of a sink with running water before! But there are still many families who need our help, so we ask you to contribute generously to Project Pueblo in honor of Johnny Depp.

Project Pueblo, our charity partner, is a 100% student and volunteer-led 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that conducts short-term, low-cost service trips to impoverished areas while raising money and awareness for relevant projects and issues. Project Pueblo is currently focusing on improving living conditions for the Navajo people in the area known as the former Bennett Freeze, a 2 million acre region within the Navajo Indian reservation of 8000+ families where only 25% have adequate shelter, only 10% have running water, and only 3% have electricity. In addition, this area heavily suffers from issues relating to uranium contamination stemming from mining during the Cold War. Project Pueblo partners with various organizations including Forgotten People, a grassroots, community-based Navajo nonprofit organization that has been fighting injustice and poverty for over 20 years.

We hope to be able to install several water systems for Navajo families this year. Can you help with this quest?

To donate by Paypal, please use this yellow “Donate” button to link to our 2013 Birthday Project Paypal account:

If you prefer to donate by check, CLICK HERE to visit the Johnny Depp Zone’s Birthday Project forum for the mailing address.

We will be accepting donations through Johnny’s birthday, June 9, 2013. Please join us in saying “Thank you” and “Happy Birthday” to Johnny Depp. Your donation can bring comfort and support to the Navajo people: a gift of clean water is a gift of life itself.

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