Johnny Depp writes a song with Alice Cooper for new album!

In a recent video interview with the Desert Sun, Alice Cooper revealed that he’s been in the recording studio working on his new album . . . with Johnny Depp: “In fact, I just got out of the studio with him [Johnny]. I was in the studio with him for two days, in L.A., right before . . . I got here Wednesday night. Tuesday and Wednesday I was all day in the studio with him. [. . .] We were writing for my new album, and he came up with a good song. Really good song.”

Q: Oh . . . he wrote it?

ALICE COOPER: Yeah, he wrote it. I wrote the lyrics; he wrote the music. And, um, it’s really going to be good. It’s the title track, actually, for this new album, so —

Q: What can you tell me about him?

ALICE COOPER: He’s a great player. He’s a great guitar player. He’s as good as anybody in any band. I mean, you can put him in any band, from Guns N’ Roses to anybody, to Foo Fighters and our band. I mean, he can play any kind of rock ‘n’ roll you want.

Q: If he took a hiatus and wanted to tour with you —

ALICE COOPER: (laughing)I told him, if this whole acting thing, you know, fizzles out . . . be in a band. That’s how he started, anyways.

The Zone thanks Lou Lou 63 for sharing the interview, which is available HERE.

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