Announcing three new galleries for the Zone!

The Zone is happy to announce three new additions to the Zone’s permanent photo galleries! Our collection of ads and posters for Johnny Depp’s films has been greatly expanded, so much so that we have divided our presentation into three separate galleries, organized chronologically to create a retrospective of Johnny Depp’s career. You can find them by clicking the PHOTO GALLERIES button above, selecting THE DEPPARTMENT, and scrolling down to the MOVIE ADS galleries.

The first MOVIE ADS gallery,available HERE, features ads from 1985 through 1999; the second gallery, available HERE, focuses on Johnny’s films from 2000 through 2009; and the final MOVIE ADS gallery, available HERE, covers films from 2010 to the present.

Artwork in these galleries was contributed by AnaMaria, Emma, Evochka, FantasticJD, Part-Time Poet, sleepy, and Theresa. Many thanks to all who have shared movie posters with us, and thanks to the artists who created them!

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