THE LONE RANGER is one of Entertainment Weekly’s 2013 “Movies to Watch”

Gore Verbinski’s new version of The Lone Ranger, starring Johnny Depp as Tonto and Armie Hammer as the Ranger, receives a fine write-up in Entertainment Weekly‘s 2013 Movie Preview issue, including a gorgeous photo of the two heroes walking side-by-side. Nice! EW’s Geoff Boucher emphasizes the “partnership” between Tonto and the Ranger (no “sidekick” here): “Contrary to his name, the Lone Ranger has never been a one-man posse [. . .]. Verbinski liked the chemistry between Depp’s eccentric nomad and Hammer’s unsubtle lawman.”

Verbinski confided that a similar chemistry existed between Johnny and Armie. “They couldn’t really be more different,” he told Boucher. “It’s one of those situations where their off-screen friendship is as much The Odd Couple as when they are on screen together — something we were hoping for.”

The Zone thanks Lou Lou 63 for sharing the news; you can read more about The Lone Ranger on the Zone’s News & Views forum. The EW article is available HERE.

The Lone Ranger will be in theaters on July 3, 2013.

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