Johnny Depp on E! NEWS LIVE to promote IMAX release of DEEP SEA 3D

Johnny Depp appeared briefly on E! NEWS LIVE this weekend to promote the March 3rd IMAX release of Howard Hall’s DEEP SEA 3D, which he narrates with FINDING NEVERLAND co-star Kate Winslet. Johnny told E! NEWS LIVE, “On one of my snorkels, I was attacked by a reef shrimp. He jammed his claw into my index finger straight down to the bone, and I’ll never forget it.” To see a couple of Theresa’s screencaps from the interview, click HERE and HERE. Zone members can see the entire interview on our Video Clips forum. Thanks very much to Theresa for the video clip and screencaps!

DEEP SEA 3D is receiving rave reviews. E! NEWS LIVE calls the movie “a fantastic deep sea adventure,” and Sheri Linden of THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER writes, “the film is a dazzling experience. [. . .] Narrators Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet infuse the proceedings with a bit of playfulness. [. . .] DEEP SEA 3D is a glorious example of educational entertainment at its best.” To read the reviews in their entirety, and to see if DEEP SEA 3D is opening at your local IMAX theater, check the Zone’s News & Views forum.

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