"One of the greatest actors of all time:" J.P. Donleavy discusses Johnny Depp and THE GINGER MAN

Author J. P. Donleavy is suddenly everywhere in the press; not only is his 80th birthday approaching, but his first and best-known novel, the ribald classic THE GINGER MAN, is scheduled to be filmed at last, with Johnny Depp in the role of Sebastian Dangerfield. Donleavy told CIRCA Art Magazine about his delight at the choice, calling Johnny “one of the greatest actors of all time, like Gielgud or Olivier. In that class or better.” You can read the article, “Hollywood Beckons as Artist Donleavy Reaches 80,” HERE.

Donleavy has kept firm control of the film rights to his books, and resisted all offers to film THE GINGER MAN until now. “It’s come time now that THE GINGER MAN can be tackled,” the author told Ros Drinkwater in a recent interview in The Post. The upcoming movie will be directed by THE LIBERTINE’s Laurence Dunmore. Donleavy also spoke fondly of Johnny, whom he met recently in New York. “Mr. Depp is fascinating, amusing and highly intelligent company,” the author declared, confirming an opinion secretly held by many a Depp fan. “[D]uring a production meeting in my hotel room, he spotted a wooden board with a piece of paper clipped to it on the bed and he ran his fingers along its worn surface,” Donleavy told Ros Drinkwater. “‘My God, you use that do you?’ Yes, I said, I write all my pages on it longhand, the page clipped to the board. It’s fascinating, in 35 years he’s the first person to notice and comment on it. Mr Depp is something else.”

Deppheads who want to become better acquainted with extremely entertaining Mr. Donleavy can find Derek Speirs’s New York Times profile, “J.P. Donleavy Approaches 80 Anything but Gingerly,” on the News & Views forum and also on ONBC. You can see a larger photo of the author HERE. Thanks to emma, theresa, myfave, and sleepy for posting the Donleavy articles.

THE GINGER MAN is ONBC’s next book selection–Liz and DeppintheHeartofTexas will begin providing background tidbits in early March, with the full discussion of THE GINGER MAN set to begin April 3rd. Don’t miss it!

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