VARIETY lists a new release date for THE LIBERTINE: March 10th

Howls of protest from disappointed Depp fans–not to mention pleas posted in VARIETY itself–perhaps have persuaded the Weinstein Company to release THE LIBERTINE to theaters in the United States after all. In their “Release Dates and Changes” column, VARIETY now reports a new release date for THE LIBERTINE of March 10, 2006. We earnestly hope this date holds up, and isn’t just another false promise from a company that has dealt in that currency more than once. The official website of the Weinstein Company does confirm the new date, however: their web page for THE LIBERTINE now reads “In theaters March 10th.” You can read the evidence for yourself HERE, and it’s well worth a visit to the site to see the large picture of Johnny Depp as the Earl of Rochester. You can also view the trailer there. Thanks very much to emma for posting the news–and thanks to everyone who wrote letters or emails or used other means of persuasion to support THE LIBERTINE’s release. Particularly noteworthy is Susanne’s petition in support of THE LIBERTINE which has now garnered more than one thousand signatures urging THE LIBERTINE’s release. Well done, Susanne! You can show your support for THE LIBERTINE by signing the petition HERE.

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