Today's VARIETY: Frustrated Depp fan urges Weinstein Co. to release THE LIBERTINE

One Johnny Depp fan took her frustration with the Weinstein Company’s shelving of THE LIBERTINE to the pages of VARIETY, the movie industry’s bible. She took the extraordinary step of placing an ad in today’s DAILY VARIETY, urging the distributor to release the film. The ad reads: “Dear Mr. Weinstein, Give us THE LIBERTINE. I respectfully request that your company release this highly anticipated movie nationwide now. I am only one voice, but I think I speak for many who have long revered the extraordinary and dedicated performances of Mr. Johnny Depp.”

The ad continues, “Those who do not live in NY or LA deserve the privilege of viewing the highly acclaimed work of Mr. Depp and the rest of the distinguished cast of this film. Please give us THE LIBERTINE.”

The Zone congratulates Kittycat88 for her initiative on behalf of American Deppheads; she speaks for many who have been eagerly awaiting this film since it began shooting in March of 2004. We hope her plea is answered. You can read the saga of THE LIBERTINE VARIETY ad, from its inception to final placement, on the JDZ Pit–and it’s very lively reading! To see a scan of Kittycat88’s ad, click HERE.

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