It's definitely Friday the 13th–Weinstein Company fails to release THE LIBERTINE

The many North American Johnny Depp fans who were eagerly awaiting the scheduled “wide release” of THE LIBERTINE today had their hopes dashed when the film mysteriously failed to appear at even a single movie theater anywhere in the hemisphere. The cash-strapped Weinstein Company apparently has decided to throw their resources behind THE MATADOR and MRS. HENDERSON PRESENTS instead. This leaves Johnny’s fans with no way to view his portrayal of the Earl of Rochester on the big screen–a devastating loss since many critics have described Johnny’s performance as one of the finest of his brilliant career. Regrettably, The Weinstein Company has not set any new date for THE LIBERTINE’s release. Fans who need to vent their fury or anguish over this shabby treatment of THE LIBERTINE will find several threads on the Zone’s Pit and on the News & Views forum where they can speak their minds.

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