Johnny Depp appears on THE ELLEN DE GENERES SHOW–new photos!

Johnny Depp paid his first visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show this afternoon, where he and his host had a charming conversation about Johnny’s approach to his characters, and Ellen gave Johnny an engraved I.D. bracelet; then they were joined by Johnny’s Dark Shadows castmates Michelle Pfeiffer and Chloe Grace Moretz for some reminiscences about their experiences making the film. The atmosphere was warm and relaxed and the audience — which had just seen Dark Shadows and, according to Ellen, “loved it” — greeted Johnny with a roaring ovation. Here is a bit of their conversation:

ELLEN: You’ve played some really iconic characters. When you read a script, [. . .] do you look at it and go, “I know exactly how I want to look?” Do you start with a look? Is that where it starts for you?

JOHNNY: Generally, within the first ten pages of the script, something hits, something clicks, and you feel like there’s something you can add to the piece that might not have been done before. So it’s pretty much that. And then the images start to come. The look starts to come.

ELLEN: I love the humor that you add [to all your characters].

JOHNNY: Thank you.

ELLEN: Is that there, or do you add that?

JOHNNY: I’m a real sucker for anywhere that you can find a moment of irreverence or absurdity . . . I’ll stick it right in there. Sometimes to the dismay of the director, but —

ELLEN: Probably not, though.

JOHNNY: — and certainly the studio.

To see photos of Johnny conversing with Ellen, CLICK HERE, HERE, and HERE. For a photo of Johnny with his castmates and Ellen, CLICK HERE. The Zone thanks mytreasure for sharing the photos; you can read more about Johnny’s appearance on Ellen on the Zone’s News & Views forum.

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