Jonathan Frid inspired his characterization of Barnabas, Johnny Depp tells ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT

In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Johnny Depp and Tim Burton talk about their working relationship and their latest collaboration, Dark Shadows. Although this is their eighth film together, Burton insists that the work “always feels special” and that Johnny brings a fresh approach to each role: “Even if there are some similarities with the characters, he’s always looking for something new with the character, which is good.”

Making a film of the 60s gothic soap opera was Johnny’s idea: “I’d always been sort of attracted to horror films and things like that even as a young kid,” he told ET. “I said to Tim, ‘We should do a vampire film together.'” But for the successful result, Johnny gives all the credit to his director. “Without Tim, we’d never have achieved what we did with it in terms of tone and quality and humor and just inventiveness, you know. He’s so brilliant.” To see a photo of Burton directing his Barnabas, CLICK HERE.

As for his interpretation of Barnabas, Johnny cites Jonathan Frid, who created the role on TV, as his inspiration. “For Barnabas, everywhere I searched, character-wise, I kept coming back to Jonathan Frid. He really did something beautiful in the Dark Shadows series back in the 60s and early 70s. There’s great humor in it, but great humor that comes out of very serious issues.”

Burton adds, “I think even before [Johnny] became an actor, he wanted to play Barnabas Collins. I think that has always been something that in his heart, he wanted to do.”

The Zone thanks Pixie for sharing the Entertainment Tonight video; you can read more about Dark Shadows on the Zone’s News & Views forum. You can watch the ET video clip HERE.

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