“We’re all in this together”–Armie Hammer talks about filming THE LONE RANGER

The striking photo at left — taken and tweeted by The Lone Ranger producer himself, Mr. Jerry Bruckheimer — gives our first glimpse of the legendary lawman and the spirit warrior Tonto as Gore Verbinski’s film envisions them. Armie Hammer, who plays the Ranger, is currently promoting Mirror, Mirror (in which he plays Prince Charming to Julia Roberts’ evil queen), but an interview with Access Hollywood focuses almost entirely on The Lone Ranger. Asked if coming to work with “the whole Pirates team” felt like “coming into a sort of pre-established club” where he had to fit in, Hammer replied, “Fortunately the club has very lenient acceptance rules, apparently, because we’re all in this together at this point. We’re working together.”

Hammer spoke about The Lone Ranger — both the filmmaking experience and the character he plays — with enthusiasm and charm. As for his famous co-star, Hammer said, “Johnny is fantastic to work with.” Asked if Johnny “does an accent as Tonto,” Hammer replied, “Yeah. He’s got like a ‘Tonto’ thing.” Hammer sounded proud of the Ranger’s depth, describing his character as “less of that two-dimensional, some kind of Prince Charming thing, and more of the human underneath all that.”

Hammer did give Access Hollywood a wardrobe scoop, confirming that (unlike the famous TV series) his Ranger does appear onscreen in a variety of costumes. “I’m not always in the same gear,” he said, grinning. You can watch the five-minute Access Hollywood interview HERE.

Many thanks to Emma for sharing the Access Hollywood interview, and to christinaFAN, Theresa, and to Mr. Jerry Bruckheimer for sharing the photo.

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