"I'm very much like my dad," Johnny Depp tells UK's REAL Magazine

In an interview with Gabrielle Donnelly published in the September 30th-October 14th issue of REAL Magazine (UK), Johnny Depp gave a charming account of his resemblance to his father. Although he has frequently spoken of his mother, Betty Sue, to reporters, it is far rarer for Johnny to go on the record about his attachment to his dad. ” [A]ll of a sudden, when you hit your mid-20s, you look in the mirror, and you start to see your dad,” he told Donnelly. “And it stays that way. There was one time when I was at the premiere of, I think it was CHOCOLAT, I was sitting next to my sister, and at one point in the movie, and I don’t remember exactly what I did or said on the screen, but my sister and I just turned to each other at exactly the same time and said, ‘Uh – Dad!’ I’m very much like my dad, in my looks, my mannerisms, even down to–well, look at this.”

Johnny then showed reporter Donnelly that he habitually wears his belt buckle, in her words, “slung rakishly to the side.” For all the Deppheads who have wondered why, Johnny explains, “My dad always wore his buckle to the side like this. I don’t know when I started wearing it like this, but these days, I just don’t even think about it.” Having to wear his belt buckle in the usual dead-center location “would really freak me out,” Johnny says. “I’d be really upset!” We wonder if three-year-old Jack Depp will follow the family tradition and wear his belt buckle off to the side; like father, like son.

The Zone thanks emma for sharing the Gabrielle Donnelly interview; you can read more on our News & Views forum. We thank bonnie for the recent photo of John Depp–it was taken at the luncheon following the hand-and-footprint ceremony at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre two weeks ago.

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